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born in Y2K in the border region of south tyrol (italy). early childhood memories are very rural. all new technologies arrived with a delay of about 5 years. single-child, baby-boomer parents rose in social class from farm & orphanage to accountant & journalist between the 80s and 90s. grandparents were farmers, housewives, blind call-center employees, shop-owners, accountants and air force pilots. various influential memories:





nu metal

pc music




video games

outsider art

the internet

plastic toys


war on terror

japanese noise

wind instruments

skateboard parts

2000s television

free improvisation

experimental hiphop

american brutal prog

creative music movement

machines and electricity

italian postwar politics
object oriented ontology
european academic avant-garde composers

now working mostly with junk, scraps, electricity, sound, video, performance, wind instruments and other people i get along with. performing solo, with OUU!D, nowhere, OK and as a guest collaborator of other bands and ensembles. based in switzerland.

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