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photo credit: eirik hermundstad sanner

FELIX NUSSBAUMER was born in 2000 in bolzano, italy and currently lives in lucerne, switzerland. the self-described composer-performer currently studies composition in lucerne with dieter ammann. he received commisions from and for – among others – ensemble mondrian, ensemble soyuz21, ensemble latenz, othmar schoeck festival and the collective kulturbrauerei, which he is part of since 2020.

since his musical beginnings in punk-rock and jazz music, his musical and artistic interests have shifted to improvised, electro-acoustic, performative and post-contemporary music. with his ensemble BIELEFELD he explores processes of improvisation as real-time navigation along/between composed structures, in an attempt to compose musical material as a tool through which collective thinking can be mediated. his current artistic research is centered around questions of socially and politically revolutionary potentials in music, investigating not only the sensual and corporeal aspect of electronic and acoustic presence, but also of systemic relations that lie within and around music.


01.11.22: BIELEFELD, Album Release

11.11.22: SOLO @ WERFT, Emmenbrücke

23.11.22: "viscous air" @ Südpol HSLU, Luzern with Filippos Raskovic, Isabelle Meraner, Can Etterlin, Annika Granlund and Aya Masui

25.11.22: Guest Lecture @ Hochschule für Musik Luzern about experimental techniques on the saxophone, composition for improvisers and trans-idiomatic practices

04.12.22: "metakörper i" @ Festival zeitgenössischer Musik, Südtirol performed by Roberta Gottardi

16.12.22: Kulturbrauerei @ WERFT, Emmenbrücke

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